Mariechristine Lopez (USA)


Dear Dr. Konaga,


my experience at Munich International Music Academy made it by far the best masterclass I have ever attended, in every way. Prof. Turku was above and beyond thoughtful and inspiring, because he is an amazing artist and a natural, profound "psychologist" (he knows just how to balance out the extremes of teaching when it comes to push and patience, technique and musicality, limits and freedom).


The organization of the course was also exceptional; it made a real difference to have a practice room reserved for warming up before the lessons and the concert. Prof. Turku and the organizers fostered a true "class spirit" among us participants. Your assistant Keisuke answered all our questions and was flexible.


Finally the host family I was assigned, Mrs. Ursula Trost-Schäfer, was the best most wonderfully unexpected surprise of the whole adventure (considering I had already met Prof. Turku!). Mrs. Trost-Schäfer was so kind, accommodating, and wonderful. She is such a sincere lady with a good heart. I am so glad I met her; getting to know her and experiencing her support at the concert was the cherry on top of an intense and fulfilling week.


Thank you ever so much for everything!!!


Best regards