Aoi Udagawa (Japan)



It was a very inspiring week for me. Being able to participate in this Munich Academy, masterclass under Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, both for the chamber group as well as individual classes, I have leant so much and I enjoyed the course a lot. Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang always took time for each of us, pointing out precisely what each of us needed and lacked in, to improve and gave us a lot of ideas and tips, both for musical aspects and technical aspects. With his enthusiasms, I always got motivated.


In a final concert, having warm applauses, I really enjoyed and felt grateful to be able to perform in front of all the kind audiences.



Thank you so much to Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, for all the inspiring lessons and kind advices. I have learnt a lot; the advises you have given me, I would like to keep working on them further.


And to Dr. Konaga, thank you so much for all your help and organizing this course for us, and getting me a great host to stay during the whole course time. I feel grateful that I could stay at a such warm hearted host family.


To the pianist, Ms. Mikami, thank you for accompanying us the whole time.


Having a class, students all coming from different places, we also learnt a lot from each other. I am happy that I could participate in this academy. Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity.