Caroline Bruker (Hochschule für Musik Detmold)

I was interested in the masterclass because I wanted to work more with Mr. Gehrke. I was also interested in working with Prof. Uecker, because I had heard wonderful things about his teachings and interpretation. I also wanted to work on a few of my auditions arias for upcoming auditions.

Mr. Gehrke and Prof. Uecker have similar ideas, but they focus on different aspects of the arias. Mr. Gehrke helped a lot with a few technical problems that I have been having. He does everything he can to help you understand how to fix a problem. He also has a lot of "tricks" that help. I really enjoyed working with him and learning a few new technical ideas. Prof. Uecker worked more on the stylistic and dramatic approach to an aria. He really helped me try to think about my character and to sing within the style of the composer. He has a lot of knowledge and experience regarding stylistic ideas for an area. This really helped me add colors and understand the tempo changes in my aria. Also, to think about the scene I am in during each aria: what is going on before, during and after, as well as what others may be doing during my aria. This really helped me get into character and add a more dramatic aspect to my singing.

I would definitely recommend this masterclass. I throughly enjoyed working with both of them. I hope to work more with them in the near furture.