Shangwen Liao (China / USA)


I have truly felt lucky and pleased about my decision of participating in this masterclass series here in Munich with Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, a truly fantastic teacher and cellist. The time with Prof. Yang has helped to see very clearly regarding what I have to do next in order to become a better musician. His wonderful playing, clear explanation and sometimes a hint of humor in his teaching really made the entire four classes with him enjoyable but more importantly, productive in every way. The students also get to eat daily lunch with the professor, which is a wonderful timing for the students to see who the professor is outside of lesson, and to discuss musical ideas with him .


I also have a special appreciation for Dr. Konaga for organizing the entire event, finding the wonderful teacher, and assigning me to an amazing host family during my short stay in Germany. The entire class is very diversed, participants come from major conservatories all over the world, which gives us a good chance to share and compare our studying and playing experience. And I also truly felt home when I stayed at my host family’s place, she was a very warm-hearted as well as considerate person.


I would be very pleased to see the Academy to keep developing and taking place over and over again, and it was my pleasure to be part of it!